What is a course in aviation? For prospective pilots, an aviation course can be the perfect way to initiate a long and successful career. The coursework includes a variety of essential training for Pilots and Engineers from beginners to experts, including those seeking employment with commercial airlines and preparation for flight instructor programs. Courses cover a vast verity of topics, from initiating the enrollment process to actual market flight training. Student can gain access to keen insights from industry professionals, entrepreneurs as well as learn more about practical flight knowledge. Individual courses can be a great way for students to learn a valuable skill in a shorter period of time. Both areas of focus and course lengths can vary greatly, allowing students a flexible approach to their schedules. In many cases, individual courses can be taken in addition to one’s total academic focus, thereby providing a well-rounded educational background.


To train students in the numerous fields of Aviation with utmost professionalism, highest standards of technical expertise, continuing commitment to Safety Standards and guaranteed customer satisfaction.


To be the most sought-after, professional aviation school and provider of committed, dedicated, competent, skilled individuals in the field of aviation in the Asia Pacific region by the year 2020.


The primary goal is to achieve and deliver quality-based standards of aviation training that will stimulate the growth of the aviation industry and the country’s economy in the years to come as a new era. Steadfast in the purpose and principle, our secondary goal is to deliver distinguishing attributes of the institution’s founders by constantly improving at most the services we offer.


(1) BS Aeronautical Engineering (2) BS Industrial Engineering (3) BS Air Transportation (4) BS Aircraft Maintenance Technology (5) BS Avionics Technology (6) BS Airline Business Administration (7) BS Tourism Management (8) BS Hotel & Restaurant Management (9) Aircraft Technician Course