AviZone Aviation (Pvt) Ltd‘s Fueling facilities serve as a keystone of its aviation support services. We provide fueling facilities for the commercial aviation sector at some of the largest airports in UAE, Afghanistan and Pakistan for Charter flights, airports, fixed-base operators (FBOs), emergency services and corporate and independent aircraft owners. AviZone Aviation (Pvt) Ltd is an expert at maintaining and operating complex, integrated airport fueling services to domestic and international air carriers in Pakistan and Afghanistan. In these regions we are leaders in aviation fueling industry; and, with the same devotion and fundamental of renowned services, we are spreading our wings to United Arab Emirates.

  • We supply only highest grade fuels from the major producers.
  • Get the fuel quotes within 24 hours.
  • Fuel contracts with two major suppliers/refineries in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
  • Access to our Virtual e-Fuel Desk
  • Get fuel prices online while flight planning