Upcoming Grand Projects! We are proud to announce the successful completion of our Nepal and UK setups. AviZone Aviation Nepal and AviZone Worldwide (UK) will be commencing operations very soon.
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AviZone Group of companies adhere to the highest standards and performance evaluation in supplying advanced air Pax/cargo solutions, reliable and measurable services and effective transportation programs to improve and enhance business opportunities for our clients. We provide aviation services for R&D, production, sales and hire technical non-technical assistance and other managerial aspects related to the aviation sector.


Our expertise and specialization are well recognized in this sector and accepted as a global aviation service provider. We look forward in expanding our knowledge and expertise in all types of Pax/Cargo charter aircraft, helicopter & Air ambulance flights services as well as assist, guide, support, provide and manage all available technologies, products, services, managerial experiences in relation to aviation.

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AviZone International (FZE) was established in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates as a part of AviZone Group of companies, we are a well reputed professional aviation service provider with a vast experience in the aviation industry pertaining to ground handling and all types of permits for both Pax/Cargo flights and general aviation. We provide an experience with international network, flexibility, reliability and the highest standards of expertise for 24/7 real-time customizable logistics solutions.


AviZone as a company is committed to offering its PAX/CARGO clients real-time follow-up of movements and improved track and trace capabilities from acceptance, arrival-departures/shipments to be delivery at the final destination while also maintaining the airline’s own identity, propositions and standards.


We are pleased and happy to serve you with GSA/PSA/CSA access to all airlines for their air chartering, Landing Permits/Overflying Permits/Technical Landing/Fueling/Aircraft catering and line maintenance.


International services:

AviZone’s team provided flight management scheduled from Pakistan to Russia, Ukraine and Central Asian States. The company also provided optimum service support for United Nation, NATO and ISAF across PAK, AFG, CAS, NAC and United Arab Emirates.


Health and education:

AviZone’s team Integral part was in altruism USA-AFG project related to health and education arranged in the honor of Jeena Bush (Daughter of US President George Bush) under a joint Venture between Avicon Aviation Consultant & Agents and Shaheen Airlines (Shaheen Foundation-PAF).



AviZone Aviation well reputed also best known for its international leveled maintenance services for Aircraft and Helicopter, bestowed honor for the first fleet of Five Russian Aircraft for Shaheen Airlines provided maintenance Services and management ethics.



AviZone Aviation has been awarded as “Aviation Consultant” by world-class numerous reputed organizations for being a pioneer in introducing Russian Aircraft’s with upkeep maintenance services in Pakistan. We look and move ahead further with keeping the grade always growing up to be awarded for over kind efforts.


Air Ambulance:

We provide fixed-wing air ambulance transport from bedside to bedside. AviZone’s team with a crucial part did at them most to bring injured individuals from Chaklala Air Base – ISB to Faisal Base KHI through their honoured Air Ambulance Service during an earthquake disaster drastically hit some northern areas of Pakistan. It was an honour moment for us to save precious lives.