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In a world of single counter, one window, one shopping-mall and one unit serving multiple needs of people, an organization providing diverse services to the clients for their multiple demands is regarded as a resourceful and people-friendly enterprise. Such a company I wanted to found for provision of the best services to people with their variant needs!

Message from the Desk of CEO.

After serving for 25 years in Aviation industry, I decided to establish AviZone Aviation Group Of Companies.keeping up professionalism, dedication and commitment. Earlier I had successfully engaged myself in numerous projects for different countries; for example, Pakistan, Russia, Ukraine, Central African Countries, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, United Arab Emirates and Afghanistan. The mission behind establishment of this company is to provide all Aviation services keeping up professionalism, dedication and commitment.

Our motto is: ‘Maximum services on Economical rates’ Personally, I am very optimistic about the economic condition of Pakistan, as China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will further boost our economy with investments rolling in. Inclusion of Russia in CPEC can play a vital role for us, as we have very good experience with Russia and its neighboring countries.

We look forward to meet massive demand of domestic and international Aviation services to facilitate Consultancy, Tourism, Cargo flights, Air ambulance Service, Business charter, Aviation Courses and Aerial coverage for electronic media.

We associate ourselves with our clients, right from Ground Handling at original station up to their destination; and, they get all solutions at the right time with satisfaction at most.

We have engaged with our customers in such a way that we are constantly enhancing the level of service standards to keep us ahead of others and continually remain in the leading position. Their needs and demands are always on our top priority, and we promise to deliver the very best possible results. As such, we are someone all can trust.

AviZone Aviation GOC

Founder – CEO