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Over-flight & Landing Permits

Over-flight & Landing Permits

Whether you are flying to the neighboring country, or crossing multiple borders in distant parts of our world, even it is any diplomatic flight, VIP flight or UN flight AviZone Aviation Group of Companies experienced can help to smooth the way, and ensure that all required permits are ready, available, and on-time for your trip. Our extensive network of agents and contacts around the world allows us to expedite your permit requests through government channels, and quickly obtain the necessary approvals. We work round the clock to ensure safe and smooth journey. So, save time, energy, labour costs, and stress by taking advantage to obtain even the most difficult permits, permissions (over-flight and landing) and Cargo and Passenger flights for you. Look no further than AviZone Aviation for all of your Diplomatic flights, Major Airlines, VIP/Business Charter Flights. Whether you are a company, corporation or private individual, we provide a wholly reliable service for variety of flights, such as:

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Avail our service and reach us via email , or through our online contact form on the ‘contact us’ section of our website.

  • (1) Warzone Flights
  • (2) Diplomatic Flights
  • (3) Major Airlines
  • (4) VIP/Business Charter Flights
  • (5) UN, ISAF & NATO Flights
  • (6) Cargo and Passenger Flights
  • (7) Air Ambulance Charter Flights