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AviZone Aviation Flight Support Services

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Planning Lounge (A)

Fully equipped flight planning center including weather/planning computer and all communications Flight Service

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Pilot Lounge (B)

A cheerful pilot lounge is provided to ensure the comfort for your flight crew up to their utmost satisfaction.

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Customer Lounge (C)

Come and visit our Customer Lounge which is designed to comfort you and our passenger guests in an ethical way, keeping up the international airport standard.


Based in Pakistan, Middle East, kyrgyzstan , Philippines and Afghanistan. We AviZone Aviation Group Of Companies are a company that takes pride in offering its wide range of flight support services for the following types of scheduled and non-scheduled flights:

  • (1) Aviation Consultancy
  • (2) Air Cargo Charter
  • (3) Air Ambulances
  • (4) CPEC
  • (5) Aviation Logistics
  • (6) Maintenance solution
  • (7) Meet & Greets
  • (8) HOTAC
  • (9) Clearing & Forwarding
  • (10) Custom Clearance
  • (11) Ground Handling
  • (12) Air Charter Passenger
  • (13) Air Traffic Rights
  • (14) Military Clearance
  • (15) Flight Planning
  • (16) Afghanistan Transit
  • (17) Landing Permits
  • (18) Over Fly Permits
  • (19) Cargo Handling
  • (20) Transportations
  • (21) Aircraft Facilitation
  • (22) Weather & Notams
  • (23) Flight Catering
  • (24) Aircraft Refueling

We give our professional support to the Cargo Chartered Flights and Aviation Companies, assuring their smooth operation at reasonable and economical rates.

We also offer our services in Charter Brokerage, Aircraft Management, Financial Accounts and Projection, FBO Consultancy and Aviation Business Plans.

We provide complete Aviation solutions, making sure that there is perfect harmony between cost, service and trust.