Upcoming Grand Projects! We are proud to announce the successful completion of our Nepal and UK setups. AviZone Aviation Nepal and AviZone Worldwide (UK) will be commencing operations very soon.
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Air Ambulance

Finding the best Air Ambulance & Medical Repatriation solutions for over 25 years

Since the well-known Air Charter International Air Ambulance Company based in Dubai UAE just like AviZone Aviation with working market experience of 24 years offers all those prime air ambulance service and support summed up from well-known Air Ambulance Companies service plans.


All aircrafts sourced by us have the latest quality medical equipment and in addition we can provide a wide range of medical assistance services.
Our belief is to focus on delivering hassle-free professional services to 4 regions – Arabia, Africa, Asia, and the Asia Pacific.


We offer multiple aircraft options to meet individual needs and budget considerations. All planes are equipped with state-of-the-art life support equipment to meet the critical care needs of the patient. We utilize air ambulance jets, including Learjet and Gulfstream, as well as King Air and Cessna aircraft. Each plane is outfitted with the latest medical equipment and is strategically positioned to respond quickly to our patients’ needs.

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